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Feng Shui Living Room Style for Peace and Prosperity

Feng shui living room design uses an ancient Japanese practice of bringing balance and good luck to your home and life. Many people believe that the way you arrange furniture and arrange your sight lines in a room leads to a more harmonious existence and has positive benefits for everyone who comes inside. Some of the rules for a feng shui living room are as follows:

1 – Ground the room by placing your largest sofa a long a wall from which you can see all doorways. It is important not to put the couch in your feng shui living room under windows because this is not a solid enough structure.

2 – Pick a point of focus in the feng shui living room. This could be a large mirror that reflects the light, a piece of soothing or invigorating artwork or an aquarium or water fountain. Feng shui living room rules states that the television, although a focal point of many people using this room in the house, should not be too prominent in the room. They recommend a corner position for the TV.

3 – Choose decorator pieces for your feng shui living room that have meaning and purpose. For example, a family photo hung on the west wall can bring everyone in the house good luck. A mirror, which should be positioned to reflect attractive outdoor scenes instead of yourself, can bring tranquility and high energy. Houseplants, clocks and water features are other meaningful accents to include in your feng shui living room.

Photo Gallery of the Feng Shui Living Room Style for Peace and Prosperity