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Closet Shelving: Custom Gives You More Storage Options

A professional closet organizer has actually become a business model that some people do to help others store their items on closet shelving and racks more efficiently. If you do not want to pay for a person to come to your home and do it for you, you can certainly purchase closet shelving and set up your own storage organization system.

Custom closet shelving expands your range of options for anything you need to store in a closet. In a bedroom, closet shelving can make space for your shoe collection while leaving plenty of rack room to hang your blouses and skirts. In the bathroom, shelving can greatly increase the organization of towels, toiletries and tissue paper.

Even the front hall closet can be helped with the right closet shelving. Imagine shelves that can hold rain boots, umbrellas, hats and gloves and everything else you need in neat spaces.

Custom closet shelving also helps you use awkward or inaccessible parts of your closets more efficiently. In many storage spaces, the parts near the ceiling above the racks is not used at all. By installing shelving up there, you can store off-season items or family mementos safely.

If you have long closets in a bedroom that are not used, such as in a guest bedroom or a child’s bedroom, closet shelving can make them do double duty as long-term storage that is still need enough to hang up close and if somebody comes to stay.

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