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Best Body Pillow Guide for Buyers

There are so many body pillows under 200$ available on the market today that it is hard to figure out which one to choose. Many of them seem to offer the same support, but in a different style. So, how do you know which one will work the best for you?

1) Body Pillow CMD9000 High Class | 2) TEMPUR-Body Pillow | 3) Dakimakura body pillow (A & J original) DHR6000 | 4) Body Pillow CMD9150 High Class Long Pillow | 5) Oggi Elevation Wedge Based Pregnancy Maternity Body Positioning Pillow | 6) Avana Ogee Memory Foam Bed Wedge Support Polyurethane Foam Pillow | 7) Holy Lamb Organics Wool and Cotton Body Pillows | 8) Moonlight Slumber – Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow | 9) Comfort U – Full Body Maternity Pillow | 10) Comfort-U Total Body Full Support Pillow |
What is a Body Pillow? Body Pillow Definition

A body pillow is a long pillow that you can comfortably hug and sometimes place between your thighs or knees.

You can buy a full body pillow whose length is around 50 inches (127 cm) and above. Or get one slightly larger than the bed pillow. The length varies depending on your preference.

Long pillows for children, petite adults, and for sitting are usually on the shorter side. Check out this body pillow reviews post if you’re interested in buying one.

What are the Uses and Benefits of a Body Pillow?

The body pillow is used for comfort and support while sleeping or sitting on a sofa. It helps you calm down and drives away insomnia, uneasiness and other anxiety symptoms.

A good long pillow placed on your favorite sleep position can reduce back and shoulder pains. You can also use the pillow as a support after a major surgery.

The pregnancy body pillow can do the above and also help reduce hip pain. The pain occurs due to poor posture, weak bones, and the extra weight that exerts pressure on joints and nerves.

And hugging a soft, manipulable pillow helps you sleep like a baby.

What Type of Filling Can You Find in a Body Pillow?

You can find the following:

Latex, memory foam, poly fiber filling, and down plucked under the feathers of ducks or geese.

Some pillow brands use the word hypoallergenic filling that is poly fiber filling in most cases. This type of filling is without allergens that cause allergic reactions.

Memory foam filling is made of polyurethane and other chemicals.

The filling can be in shredded form or microbeads, which are tiny foam particles.

The latex filling comes from milky sap extracted from rubber trees.

The milky sap is then processed to create the foam, which is either shredded or packed in a design that identifies with the pillow brand.

Are Body Pillows Designed for Pregnant Women Only?


As mentioned in my story, body pillows come in a variety of designs. These accommodate different people including pregnant women. You can find unisex body pillows (pillows that all adults can use) and even shorter ones for children.

Pregnancy pillows come in shapes and designs that support the growing bodies of women during that phase of their lives.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be of use afterward. Some women completely switch to body pillows after using them during pregnancy.

And men aren’t left behind either. They enjoy the comfort and support that these types of pillows give.

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