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Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Black kitchen cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen. The kitchen cabinet not only helps in maintaining the neatness of the kitchen but they help you keep the things in order. Choices are plenty when it comes to choosing a cabinet but what really confuses many is the colour. Different individuals have different choices and taste so differences in choice is obvious too. However, black is the most favoured colour when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

Kitchen cabinets after being neglected for long are making a slow comeback. They are becoming widely popular due to the numerous advantages it offers.

Various modern black kitchen cabinet ideas below.

Some of the benefits of having a that kitchen cabinet are as follows:

  1. They go well with almost all the colours of the wall. Such Kitchen cabinets look good with dark colours as it would do with light colours.
  2. They do not become dirty very easy. The colour black does not become oily or greasy very soon which is not so with other cabinets.
  3. Black Kitchen cabinets gives you a feeling of compactness due to which a kitchen will look very much a part of the house and not some playground.

black kitchen cabinets pictures

The colour black absorbs as well as releases heat quickly, which adds as an advantage which is not so with the cabinets of lighter colours. The maintenance costs which are a worry for everyone can be solved by usage of kitchen cabinets. It is not nil but very less when compared to other kitchen cabinets.

Photo Gallery of the Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas