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Pantry Shelving: How Does Help You Stay Organized

Nothing helps you stay organized in the kitchen more than pantry shelving. Depending on the size and layout of the kitchen, pantry shelving can be anything from a separate walk in room to a large piece of furniture such as a cabinet or a wardrobe that is specifically designated for storing food and groceries. For families with many members or those who like to shop sales and stock up, pantry is a must have addition to their home.

Pantry shelving is more than just extra space to put hands, boxes and jars of grocery items. It can also help you stay organized so you don’t waste food and you very your menus for more interesting mealtimes. When you get home from the supermarket or grocery store, you need to put your food away on the pantry shelving, but do not just push it in wherever it will fit. Follow these handy tips to make your pantry a great organizational tool.

1 – Rotate grocery items on the pantry shelving so things you bought a long time ago get brought to the front and used instead of forgotten.

2 – Use a different shelves or different areas of the pantry shelving to group similar grocery items together. This can help you easily see if you have enough canned fruit for salad or enough boxed stuffing to go with a roast turkey.

3 – Use wire racks, baskets and bins and pull out drawers on your pantry to make everything more organized and accessible. There are even small shelves or bags you can affixed to the inside of the pantry shelving doors to maximize the space.

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