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Couch and Sofa Buying Guide

One of the most intimidating and expensive pieces that anyone can buy for their home is the sofa. It’s big, it’s expensive, and not often replaced. Plus, there are (what seems like) a million choices out there. How does one decide? We’ve taken a bit of the guesswork out of the equation by eliminating one category: anything $2500 or more! Check out our favorite sectional sofas for under $2500.

1) Abbyson Living Juliette Fabric Sectional Sofa | 2) Armen Living Sahara Sectional | 3) Baxton Studio Babbitt Ivory Sectional Sofa | 4) Baxton Studio Leather Sectional Sofa | 5) Baxton Studio Orland Sectional Sofa | 6) Benchcraft Maier Sectional Chaise | 7) Furniture of America Sectional Sofa | 8) HERCULES Imagination Series Sectional | 9) Homelegance 3 Piece Bonded Sectional Sofa | 10) Homelegance Savonburg Sectional Chesterfield Sofa | 11) Kardiel Cubix Modern Sectional Sofa | 12) Kardiel Modular Right Sectional Sofa | 13) Kardiel Florence Knoll Sectional Sofa | 14) Melrose 2pc Sectional Sofa | 15) Mid Century Modern Fabric Sectional Sofa | 16) Milton Greens Stars Sectional Sofa | 17) Moe’s Home Collection Sectional Sofa | 18) Signature Design by Ashley Alliston Sectional | 19) South Cone Home New York Sectional Sofa | 20) TOV Furniture Blake Antique RAF Sectional |

Couches & Sofas 101

No home is complete without a comfortable couch that fits your family’s lifestyle. Some people call them sofas, while others say chesterfield or settee. Whichever term you prefer, it’s the ideal spot to flop, hang out, watch TV or entertain guests. The bottom line is you want a couch that everyone will enjoy. Fortunately, there are many styles and fabrics available, so your choices are almost endless.

You can find traditional couches with clean lines for conservative settings, or soft, plush couches for rec rooms and basements. There are also love seats for small or intimate spaces, and large sectionals for big open-concept rooms.

Types of Family Seating

  • Love Seats

A love seat is a couch designed to seat two people. Due to their smaller size, love seats can fit into just about any space in your home, including the living room, family room, a bedroom and even the foyer. Love seats are functional, but they also offer a cozier option for intimate chats or TV time with your partner.

Traditional love seats generally have more elaborate contours and markings to complement a more conservative decor. Contemporary loveseats tend to be more minimalist, with sleek, simple designs to achieve a more modern look.

  • Couches and Sofas

Couches and sofas typically seat three or more people, so they’re a great fit for living rooms, family rooms and basement rec rooms. Many couches are the perfect length for an adult to stretch out and grab a nap, or for a guest to sleep on overnight.

No matter what your home’s interior design style, you can find a couch or sofa to match. Full, plush cushions and a robust frame are traditional features. Sleek, low-profile designs with exposed metal are considered more contemporary.

  • Sectionals

A sectional couch is made up of at least two separate sofa pieces. Sectionals are typically quite large, providing seating for five people or more. But their distinctive L- or U-shape design creates intimacy and works well for hanging out or watching TV. Due to their size, sectionals are best suited for larger rooms.

However, you can always remove or re-position one of the sections to accommodate smaller rooms. Because the individual pieces are relatively lightweight, sectional sofas are also a good choice if you frequently rearrange your furniture.

  • Futons and Sofa Beds

Futons and sofa beds are ideal for student dorms, small apartments, or for accommodating overnight guests. You can easily convert your futon or sofa bed from a seating area into a cozy bed.

Both offer comfortable sleeping surfaces, but futons provide added flexibility because you can change or upgrade the mattress to suit changing needs. Futons also tend to be easier to move around than sofa beds because you can remove the mattress from the frame and carry them separately.

Photo Gallery of the Couch and Sofa Buying Guide