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Best Fryer 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Take your time and read the fryer buying guide information just below. Alternatively, skip ahead by clicking on the following link, to see which models made it onto the best fryer under 200$ top 20 list.

1) 5.2L Digital XL Air Fryer | 2) 1300 Watts, Energy Efficient, 6-Quart Oil-Less Fryer | 3) AIGEREK Air Fryer,Regular Hot Air Fryer | 4) Aigerek Air Fryer – Comes with Recipes CookBook | 5) Air Fryer by Cozyna (3.7QT) with airfryer cookbooks | 6) Chefman Air Fryer with Digital Display Adjustable Temperature Control | 7) DeLonghi D44528DZ Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer | 8) Elechomes Air Fryer Touchscreen | 9) FrenchMay Air Fryer – 3.7Qt | 10) Hometech Patented 1200W 13L Spaceship Air Fryer Deep Fryer | 11) Ivation 1400W Electric Air Fryer | 12) Living Basix LB200 Digital Oil-Free Fryer | 13) NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer | 14) Philips Airfryer HD9220/26 | 15) Philips Airfryer HD9641/96, Black | 16) Power Air Fryer XL (3.4 QT Deluxe, Black) | 17) Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer | 18) T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer | 19) Tinychefs Multifunctional Airfryer | 20) Simply Ming 1500-Watt Fast Fryer |

Health Benefits

Traditionally, fried foods require a lot of oil to cook, and generally the oils that are good for frying aren’t the oils that are good for people. This is particularly the case for deep fryers, which can make some amazingly tasting French fries, but add tons of calories and unhealthy fat to food.

How Do Air Fryers Work ?

Air fryers cook food by circulating superheated air, up to 200 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit). They use a very small amount of oil – as much as 80 percent less than traditional cooking methods, according to food bloggers. You can open them up during the cooking cycle to add ingredients, which is a great option if you have foods that need to cook for different amounts of time.

What Can You Use an Air Fryer for?

Anything that you can do in the oven – broil, bake, fry, grill, or more – you can do in an air fryer. These appliances are ideal for cooking during summer, when you don’t want to heat up your whole home just to have baked or fried chicken. They’re also excellent for when you’re traveling in an RV, or for students who don’t have access to a full kitchen.

Energy Efficiency

In general, modern electric appliances are more than just convenient; they are also energy efficient than turning on your stove every time you want to fry chicken. Because the whole system is so well contained, there is less wasted energy, and your food often cooks faster than it would otherwise. This is true for crock pots, instant pots, and now for air fryers.

What to Consider When Comparing Models?

There is a number of important factors to consider when you’re deciding which model of air fryer to purchase.

Size of the Unit

If you have a small kitchen, you may not want your air fryer out on the counter every day. Check the dimensions to make sure that you have an easy and convenient place to store your appliance when it’s not in use.

On the other side, if you have a big kitchen and plan to leave the air fryer out on the counter for everyone to see, you’ll still want to check the footprint and make sure you have a convenient place for it to live, near an electrical outlet.


As with many electric cooking tools, capacity is key. If you overload an air fryer, it’s possible that your food won’t cook properly, and it might even lead to hazardous foods which stays at bacteria-friendly temperatures for too long. It’s not always easy to tell exactly what the capacity of a particular air fryer will be, so our reviews below will cover that as best as we can.


Air fryers tend to come with either an analog or a digital interface. Both work well, but some people have a strong preference for one or the other. I personally hate analog timers; somehow I’m always breaking the knob or getting gunk into it so that it won’t turn anymore. Having a great digital display is helpful, but it has to work!

Recipe Book

Although the Internet is catching up and putting out air fryer recipes at the speed with which it previously responded to crock pots and instant pots, the air fryer is still somewhat new on the scene. Many models have been endorsed by certain celebrity chefs, and come with a book of recipes that were created or vetted by that particular chef.

I usually hit the Internet pretty quickly to find out what I want to cook, but with appliances like this one, it’s good to have a general idea of what I’m looking at for recipes and cooking times. Even if I never use any of the recipes in the booklet, it helps me know whether or not I will need to adjust times and temps in recipes.


Some air fryers come with accessories, like a rack, that can be used to let you fry, for example, more than one layer of chicken at a time. It’s easy enough to find something similar at a cooking supply store, but if you plan to regularly fry fish, sausages, chicken, or other meats that will tend to need some space, having your air fryer arrive with a rack that fits inside might be convenient.


Air fryers are generally designed to look sleek and unimposing, but that belies their actual size. Because they’re pretty big, and they contain a sizeable heating element, they are often fairly heavy. If you do plan to take your air fryer up and down from the kitchen on a regular basis, keep this in mind, and make sure your air fryer has a weight that you can handle.

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