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4 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Patio Lights

Outdoor patio lights can help to give you extra time in the outdoors without having the night intrude into your plans. These ideas will help you improve your lighting so that you can have a consistently incredible outdoor experience.

#1. Look at energy efficiency bulbs. If you don’t like the idea of having mercury in your home with the typical energy efficient light bulb, then consider investing into outdoor LED lighting. The light is natural and they are cheap to power, even if they have a higher initial investment.

#2. Make your fixtures resistant to water. If you have an upright outdoor fixture, then it is already prone to collecting precipitation. Consider installing fixtures that point the bulb downward and have specific water resistance features incorporated into their design.

#3. Glass matters. If your outdoor lighting seems dull, it could be because you’ve got plastic or plexiglass that is protecting the bulb. Replace it with glass and you may see an incredible difference. You will need to stay proactive in cleaning the glass, however, to continue receiving the increased light.

#4. Put it on a timing circuit. One of the biggest energy wasters a home owner has is forgetting to turn off their outdoor lights in the morning. A timing circuit will do this automatically.

Improving your outdoor patio lights can be as simple as changing a light bulb. Use these tips today to change how you see your property at night.

Photo Gallery of the 4 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Patio Lights