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Wall Murals & Decals Made Easy

There are 32 of the best wall murals that I reviewed for you, enjoy!

1) wall26 – Surfboard on Fuerteventura Beach | 2) Wall Mural Sunset at the Sea Mural Decoration Caribbean | 3) PopDecors – Cherry Blossom Tree (83inch H) – Custom Beautiful Tree Wall Decals | 4) RoomMates JL1206M Disney the Princess and the Frog Prepasted Wall Mural | 5) wall26 – Some Trains at Abandoned Train Depot – Removable Wall Mural | 6) wall26 – Watercolor Roses Painted on Beige Tone Paper – Removable Wall Mural | 7) Startonight 3D Mural Wall Art-Photo Decor Window Green Tunnel Tree-Wall Paper That Glows In The Dark | 8) Wall26 – Tree trunks in a beautiful green forest – Landscape – Wall Mural | 9) wall26 – Some Trains at Abandoned Train Depot – Removable Wall Mural | 10) wall26 – Purebred Horses – Removable Wall Mural | 11) Princess Castle In Enchanted Wood Fairytale Wall Mural Kids | 12) Wall26 – Tropical blue waters framed by Palms – Landscape – Wall Mural | 13) wall26 – Deep Forest Waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Thailand – Removable Wall Mural | 14) National Geographic 9’2″x6’4″ Classic World Map Mural | 15) wall26 – Beautiful Landscape with Turquoise Lake, Forest and Mountains – Removable Wall Mural | 16) York Wallcoverings York Kids IV RA0152M Princess Mural | 17) Huge Photo Wall Mural 12 Feet 6 Inch Wide X 9 Feet High Covers An Entire Wall | 18) Wall26 – Beautiful Ocean View With the Moon Resting Above it – Wall Mural | 19) Wall26 – Morning in a Pine Forest (Bears Playing on a Fallen Tree) by Ivan Shishkin – Russian Realist Painter | 20) Wall26 Removable Wall Sticker / Wall Mural – Sunset on the Tropical Beach | 21) Wall26 – Beautiful Multicolored Galaxy – Wall Mural | 22) RoomMates JL1230M Star Wars Saga Prepasted Chair Rail Wall Mural | 23) Prepasted wallpaper high quality full wall size mural from a photo of: Old World Map | 24) CaseFan 5 Trees Wall Stickers Forest Mural Paper | 25) Wall26 White Beach with Blue Sea and Palm Tree Open Window Mural Wall Decal Sticker | 26) RoomMates JL1228M Disney Dancing Princess Prepasted Wall Mural | 27) Environmental Graphics Giant World Map Wall Mural | 28) Walltastic Dinosaur Land Wall Mural | 29) wall26 – Usa, American Flag Painted on Old Wood Plank Background | 30) wall26 – Abstract Glowing Purple and Blue Bubbles on Black Background | 31) Startonight 3D Mural Wall Art Photo Decor Faraway Galaxy Amazing Dual View Surprise Large Wall Mural Wallpaper | 32) Surfer wave photo wallpaper – surfer catching a wave mural |

What is a Wall Mural?

When most people think of a mural, they imagine something that an artist paints by hand. While this is true of many different murals, from the Sistine Chapel to street art and graffiti, many murals are printed. A printed mural is basically an image printed on adhesive vinyl in the dimensions of the wall space it is meant to cover. This is good news, because it means you don’t need to be an artist to install a wall mural in your space.

What is a Wall Decal?

A wall decal is similar to a wall mural in that it is an image printed on adhesive vinyl and applied to a wall. The difference is that a wall decal does not typically cover the entire surface area of the wall, where as a wall mural does. Typography, for example, tends to be best printed as a wall decal. A good comparison may be to think of wall murals like wall paper, and wall decals like stickers. Printing and application is the same for both!

How are Wall Murals and Decals Printed?

Custom wall murals are printed on adhesive vinyl using special large-format printers. The necessary equipment is bulky, expensive, and requires special software and expertise for operation and maintenance. In short, this isn’t the kind of printer people typically have in their homes. Custom wall mural printing is a task that should be handled by printing and graphics professionals.

How Long Do Wall Murals Last?

Since you are not using permanent materials such as paint, nails, or other kinds of fixtures, you may be wondering how long your decal can realistically last. The life span of a wall mural or wall decal depends on a variety of factors, but the average printed wall mural lasts about five years before the image or adhesive start to show any signs of aging. Lower quality vinyl or temporary wall murals typically start to degrade around the three year mark.

As far as coloration and wearing out, vinyl is a rather robust material that can hold up to most environments with ease. Your typical home or office environment is perfect for a wall mural.

Environments in which a wall mural may degrade more quickly are those in which the vinyl is continually exposed to elements like extreme heat or cold, moisture, smoke, oils, and direct sunlight. Murals installed in spaces like the outdoors, commercial kitchens, or crowded dance clubs may need to be replaced more frequently.

Photo Gallery of the Wall Murals & Decals Made Easy