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Vanity Table Guide A to Z

There are 24 of the best vanity sets that I reviewed for you, enjoy!

1) Poundex Bobkona Edna Vanity Set with Stool | 2) SONGMICS 7 Drawers Vanity Table Set | 3) Bobkona Jaden Collection Vanity Set with Stool | 4) Crown Mark Vanity, Cherry | 5) Furniture of America Matilda Chippendale Style Vanity and Stool Set | 6) Furniture of America Doris 2-Piece Vanity and Stool Set | 7) SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri-folding Mirror | 8) BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror & Cushioned Stool | 9) SONGMICS Vanity Set, 2 Large Sliding Drawers | 10) William’s Home Furnishing 13009 Vanity | 11) AmazonBasics Vanity Set with Stool | 12) Linon Vanity Set, Angela White | 13) Linon Harper Vanity Set | 14) Pem America X’s and O’s 3-Piece Metal Vanity Set | 15) Juliet Mirrored Grey Vanity Set | 16) Poundex Bobkona Adar Vanity Set with Stool | 17) Cherry Wood Queen Anne Vanity with Table | 18) Giantex Bathroom Vanity Wooden Makeup Dressing Table Stool Set | 19) Giantex Bathroom Vanity Wood Makeup Dressing Table Stool Set | 20) KidKraft Deluxe Vanity & Chair Toy | 21) Crown Mark Vanity Set, Oak | 22) Giantex Bathroom Vanity Makeup Table Set | 23) Giantex Bathroom Vanity Set Tri-folding Mirror | 24) International Concepts Vanity Table with Bench |

A vanity table is a versatile piece of furniture that consists of a base, drawers and table legs. This shapely piece of furniture goes by many names, such as a makeup desk, dressing table, makeup table and beauty station. With so many styles, shapes, sizes and finishes, OC Furniture has created this vanity table guide to answer the most frequently asked questions and common terminology used.


Vanity tables are available in traditional, modern, contemporary and transitional.

  • Traditional features wood carving details, curved lines and warm to dark shades.
  • Contemporary vanities feature clean lines, odd shapes and tapered legs.
  • Modern consists of a clean design with clean straight lines and bold colors.


A vanity is available in three distinct shapes:

  • Four-legged vanity table. Provides support for a base and 1 to 5 drawers.
  • Two-legged support base and is further stabilized with a stack of drawers.
  • Large vanities feature two stacks of drawers as support, connected by one or two shelves.


Makeup tables are available in a range of finishes, such as white, black, walnut, oak, cherry, red, green and gray.

  • Traditional vanities are typically available in darker finishes, such as cherry, oak and walnut.
  • Transitionally styled makeup desks are popular in a variety finishes, including white, black, cherry, red, gray, red and green.
  • Modern dressing tables come in bold finishes like white, black and cappuccino.

Vanity Mirrors:

Vanity mirrors are available in four popular shapes which are rectangular, oval, tri-fold and wall-mounted.

  • Rectangular mirrors are attached to the table top and swivel.
  • Oval-shaped mirrors are attached to the surface top and are able to swivel.
  • Tri-fold mirrors are three elongated mirrors that are next to each other and are attached with hinges to enable a variety of angled positions.
  • Wall-mounted mirrors are placed above the vanity on the wall and can be further enhanced with lighting and other decorative accents.

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