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Step Stools Available in the Market – Buying Guide

Which is the best step stools for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated step stools.

1) Simplay3 Handy Home 2 Step Plastic Stool | 2) Design 59 inc Acacia Hardwood Step Stool | 3) 2-Step 300 Pound Capacity Durable Utility Step Stool | 4) The Growing Step Stool by Little Partners | 5) Rubbermaid RMS3 Folding 3-Step Lightweight Steel Step Stool | 6) Duro-Med Step Stool with Handle | 7) Cosco 11839GGO Commercial 3-Step Folding Stool | 8) Cosco Three Step Max Steel Work Platform | 9) Acko 2-in-1 Dual Purpose Stool Two Step | 10) Super Strong Folding Step Stool | 11) Flash Furniture Contemporary Cozy Mid-Back Brown Vinyl Barstool | 12) 5 X BEKVAM Home Indoor Solidwood Step Stool | 13) Range Kleen SS2 Double Step Gray Folding Stool | 14) Ideaworks JR5539 Bath Step | 15) Teak Portable Single Step | 16) HollandCraft – The Perfect Wood Foot Stool | 17) Green Direct Kids Step Stool | 18) Dreambaby 2 Up Step Stool | 19) Cosco Retro Counter Chair/Step Stool | 20) B&R Plastics 101-6FG Forest Green EZ Foldz | 21) Personalized Wooden Child’s Name Puzzle Stool | 22) Rubbermaid 4209 EZ Step Folding Stool | 23) Dr.lomilomi Hydraulic Rolling Medical Massage Stool Chair | 24) Folding Step Stool 9 Inches Height | 25) Rubbermaid RM-PL1W Folding 1-Step Plastic Stool | 26) Rustproof Shower Seat | 27) Polder 90401-91H Mini 2-Step Stool | 28) F2C Leather Adjustable Bar Stools Swivel Chairs | 29) Acko 2-in-1 Dual Purpose Stool Two Step | 30) StepSafe Non Slip Folding Step Stool For Kids | 31) Delxo 2 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool Steel | 32) Dual Height Step Stool for Toddlers & Kids | 33) LifeSmart 8″ Portable Step Stool | 34) Two Tier Stepping Stool by Miles Kimball | 35) Geboor Wood Foot Stool Waterproof | 36) KidKraft Two Step Stool |

Things You Should Look at When Buying a Folding Step Stool

Step stools are a must have for both home and office as they come in very handy when reaching for stuff in those high up shelves and you don’t have to stand up on the chair which let’s admit, we all do.

However we tend to face a hard time finding the right size and a good quality stool which does the job and in case of office use does not look hideous while doing it. It is important to know all the features of the stool which will provide the best results and make the purchase worth every penny paid for it.

Size & Dimensions

The first thing you should consider when buying a step stool is the size and dimensions of the stool. It is imperative that you first identify the purpose for purchasing that stool meaning where you want to use it and why.

Folding step stool come in various sizes and dimensions but it is important to match the size with your need. The safest dimensions to go with and those that can be found in majority of the brands are 11” length, 9” width and 11” in height.

Why these dimensions? This is because the stool is of a good enough length to do the job but when folded flat can be shoved into any small corner or between cabinets and saves up on a lot of space.

The width is enough for a fully grown person to place their feet easily and so is ideal for both children and adults. The height is perfect for those situations when you need a little extra height. May it be to reach for that plate on the top shelf or clean the roof of your car, this height does the job.


A good step stool must be strong enough to be used everywhere and for any purpose may it include any outdoor chores or may it is required for indoor purposes.

For outdoor use, in order for the step stool to maintain its quality it must be made with a material that is weatherproof and does not get easily damaged.

Another plus point here would be easy cleaning, that requires a wet cloth to clean them without leaving any marks. For indoors, the step stool must be suitable enough to be used in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchen and still be trendy enough to be used in the bedroom.

Step stools that are easier to take with you while travelling are always a best choice because it can serve for multiple purposes outside the house as well.

Price Value and Specifications

Folding step stools coming in various price ranges going from the lower end to the higher end. However it is very important to compare all the features and priorities on the ones that actually add value and not just zeros to the price.

The specifications that must be closely looked at are the size and dimensions of the stool as mentioned previously. You also need to look at the foldable feature of the stool because without it the stool becomes an ordinary one and there is no point paying for it.

Durability and sturdiness of the stool is an important aspect to take into consideration. You should check the weight limit that the stool can hold which is provided in the description area. A good weight limit is up to 300 lbs. which makes the stool sturdy enough to hold a grown person without fear of breaking it.

Good quality plastic is what you should be looking for because it is strong enough to hold a grown person yet lightweight enough to be carried by children too which is what you and to get maximum use out of it. A general standard to follow while comparing durability and strength are the ANSII general specifications.

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