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Square Area Rugs: How Add a Lot of Style to Any Room

If you have hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tile floor in any room of your house, you may enjoy the comfort and style that can easily be added with square area rugs. The room you want to spruce up doesn’t need to be square to use this type of rug, so do not worry about matching dimensions. Square area rugs can be used to decorate and define spacing in large living rooms, bedrooms or any other room of the house.

With an open concept floorplan, a square rug can be positioned in such a way as to separate the seating area from the dining room or to even designate different seating areas for different purposes. For example, one of the square area rugs could cover the floor under several couches clustered around the family television while another could rest under several armchairs and the bookcase.

Square area rugs do not have to be positioned neatly so the edges line up perfectly with the walls. Using square area rugs tilted instead adds a touch of whimsy to your living room. Just make sure the angle is obvious so it doesn’t look like you just made a mistake when you laid down the square area rugs. The color, pattern and style you choose also affects the overall look of the room. Square area rugs are perfect add a splash of color in neutral theme decor or to lighten up an area that has a very dark floorboards and no windows.

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