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Sheds & Storage Buying Guide

We spent 43 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options. Don’t let those bicycles, lawn equipment or junk that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away fill up your garage so you have to leave your car outside. These storage sheds come in all kinds of options, from very affordable to tough and durable, and will keep all your gear safe and secure from the elements.

1) Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid Shed | 2) Suncast BMS4700 Horizontal Storage Shed | 3) Suncast BMS3200 Storage Shed | 4) Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed | 5) Suncast BMS7400 Cascade Storage Shed | 6) Suncast BMS8700 Tremont 8′ x 7′ Storage Shed | 7) Suncast DB10300 Patio Storage Box | 8) Sutton 7 ft. 3 in. x 7 ft. 4.5 in. Resin Storage Shed | 9) Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed | 10) Suncast BMS1250 Shed Tool Vertical |

Aluminum and galvanized steel sheds with high-quality locking systems provide extra security for expensive equipment like bicycles and riding mowers. Solid metal construction is also a deterrent to most animals. Most metal barn shelters are coated with baked enamel for years of durability and maintenance-free service.


Vinyl sheds are known for their strength and durability. They are virtually maintenance-free and can stand up to whatever is thrown their way, whether it’s extreme elements or wayward curveballs. Vinyl panels are made to exact standards for easy assembly and solid construction. Double-wall vinyl panels resist dents from tough play and rough weather, and a protective UV coating prevents fading.

Steel-reinforced doors will provide added security, while protective UV coating helps prevent fading. Due to their lightweight construction, vinyl sheds are easy to assemble (and disassemble if you need to move your shed around your yard).


Graced with natural good looks, wood sheds blend beautifully into backyard settings and can be shingled and painted to match your home. When the nest empties and your storage needs diminish, you can easily transform your wood shed into anything from a playhouse for the grandkids to a relaxing sauna. If you keep your wood shed painted and maintained, it will give you years of practical, trouble-free use.

Hybrid Materials

Hybrid sheds typically incorporate materials like wood and resin to offer the advantages of both: high durability and long-lasting visual appeal. Typical hybrids offer the beauty and good looks of natural wood construction on the walls. Resin is used for the floor and roof to resist warping, better endure the elements, and provide worry-free assembly and maintenance.


Ramps are an important accessory for storing heavy wheeled gear, such as riding mowers and motorcycles, in sheds with elevated floors. With a ramp in place, it’s easier to roll into the shed, and the floor edge in the entrance is protected from wear.

Windows and skylights

Windows and skylights increase visibility and reduce electrical costs by allowing natural sunlight into your shed. Windows and skylights also serve as attractive design elements that improve the appearance of your shed. Custom shutters and window boxes are additional options to enhance your storage shed.


A loft is a practical way to use every available inch of vertical storage space in your shed. It also provides a convenient place to store seasonal items. Bikes and lawnmowers, for example, can be stored on the bottom in summer, then moved overhead in winter to make room for skis and sleds.


It’s best to use shelves designed to work with your specific storage structure. With shelves installed in your shed, you can more easily organize tools and materials to keep everything in its place.


Space is always at a premium, so go for the biggest shed your space and budget will allow. Assess your current and future storage needs before you buy, and measure out your site, allowing for extra dimensions like roof overhang. Make sure the shed’s roof ridge is high enough for you to stand comfortably and the door is wide enough for bulky items like wheelbarrows.


Apex sheds have double-sloped roofs, which tend to be stronger than pent sheds. Pent sheds have a single sloped roof and can be positioned against a wall or fence to save space. Adding a window to either model will maximize natural light, allowing your shed to double as a greenhouse. Extendable sheds are also available, which allows you to expand your storage needs over time with optional kits.

Photo Gallery of the Sheds & Storage Buying Guide