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Best Office Chair 2018

Which is the best task chairs under 100$ for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated task chairs under 100$.

1) Brenton Studio(R) Radley Task Chair | 2) Essentials Swivel Mesh Task Chair with Arms | 3) EuroStile Black and White Mid-Back Office Computer Task Mesh Chair | 4) Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Leather Swivel Task Chair | 5) High Back PU Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair | 6) HON Volt Low-Back Task Chair – Upholstered Computer Chair | 7) Leo Task Black Mesh Office Chair | 8) Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair without Arms Finish | 9) Modway Edge Mesh Back and Green Mesh Seat Office Chair | 10) Modway Ripple Mid Back Office Chair | 11) New Black O14 High Back Task Chair | 12) Office Star Designer Task Chair in Fabric | 13) Office Star Pneumatic Drafting Chair | 14) Office Star Sculptured Thick Padded Seat and Back Task Chair | 15) OFM (OFMV9) ESS-102-BLK-OFM Ofm Furniture Piece Office Chair | 16) Porthos Home Ardin Office Chair | 17) Stylish Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair | 18) TimeOffice Ergonomic High Back Task Office Chair | 19) VECELO Computer Office / Pu Task Chair | 20) Porthos Home Atrium Adjustable Office Chair |

Much like a bed, people often underestimate the need for a top quality office chair. Sure, while they may be “expensive”, a top-rated office chair should be viewed as an investment in your health, both in body and mind. An investment that will equate to greater productivity throughout the workday, less fatigue, and altogether greater comfort.

That’s why after 300 hours on the Herman Miller Embody Chair we ranked it our #1 best office chair. Why? It’s an office chair that promotes movement which in turn increases blood flow, in large part thanks to its innovative back system that is analogous to that of a human’s spine. Lastly, it’s highly adjustable, fitting most if not all body types, and all the while providing support and airflow to keep you cool throughout the workday.

Most Important Features

  • Adjustable Back

Sometimes known as “spring tilts”, an adjustable back is a must for any quality office chair. This allows you to adjust the chair’s back to any degree you see fit. When seated you should be able to lockout the chair’s back at any angle, or leave it “open” such that leaning allows for a free range of motion.

  • Adjustable Arms

While not as important as an adjustable back, adjustable arms are still key to comfort and a proper sitting position. Additionally, each desk has a different height, so being able to adjust the armrests ensures that you can sit comfortably at your desk.

To that end, the arms should accommodate a variety of seating positions and with that devices. Looking at a computer, then move the arms out of the way. Looking at a table or phone, then you should be able to raise the arms up to reduce strain on shoulders.

  • Adjustable Base

Many of today’s office chairs offer something called a “five-point base.” Look down at the base of your chair and you should see five points of contact to the floor. This results in greater stability while moving and sitting. I’d also look for an office chair with casters, enabling easy movement.

  • Materials

Leather will last the test of time, but mesh is probably ideal as it allows the body to breathe during long periods of sitting. That said, you’ll want to make sure it’s quality material, as seen on Herman Miller chairs. Moreover, if the material is too stiff or wound too tightly, it won’t have enough give. Conversely, it needs to have enough support, but just enough to reduce strain.

  • Adjustable Seat and Area

You’ll want to note the seat size and padding. Some chairs have smaller “seats”, which can make them incompatible with the user, especially if you have a lot of mass and area to support.

Also, take note of the seat’s areas of softness and support. The Gesture chair of Steelcase offers a large seat and is both supportive and soft in all areas, allowing for a variety of leg positions.

  • Headrest

While this is less important than the aforementioned, an appropriately placed headrest can reduce neck fatigue and provide more restful breaks. If you tend to suffer from stiff shoulders and next, look for a chair with a headrest, such as the Humanscale Freedom chair.

  • Price

While far from a feature, the price is still something to remain cognizant of. Don’t be surprised by sticker shock. I know I’ve said it before, but a good office chair is an investment much like a bed. It should pay dividends to both your body and mental wellness. That isn’t to say you need to blow your savings. But don’t skimp so much that you’re tossing the chair out in 6 month’s times.

Photo Gallery of the Best Office Chair 2018