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Living Room Curtains: How to Use for Energy Savings

Living room curtains do a lot more than decorate your living space. Depending on the size, style and thickness you choose, they can also be great energy savers as well. If you want to include environmentally friendly lifestyle with plenty of beautiful home style, choose the right curtains that can do double duty for you and your home.

Living Room Curtains Block the Hot Sun

In the summer months, living room curtains can help save on air-conditioning bills by blocking out the hot sun streaming through the windows. While having natural light in the home is great, all the heat that comes with it is not helpful if you want to save money or help the environment. Living room curtains should be thick enough to block the light and can also be treated with special UV blocking compounds to help even more. Just imagine if changing your curtains could make your energy bills go down considerably.

Living Room Curtains Insulate Against the Cold

In the winter months, curtains can also help stabilize or reduce your monthly bills. Even if you have the best windows in the world, they are still a source of egress for cold air. On older homes, living room curtains may be a great line of defense against drafts and higher heating bills. Choose curtains that are thick, multi-layered and large enough to cover the entire window and frame. It will be easier to heat your home with this type of living room curtains installed.

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