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Kitchen Floor Plans Design Ideas

Kitchen Floor Plan

There goes a popular saying which states that “Floor can make or break your mood”. It is very true indeed as kitchen floor plans are of vital importance to any structure for that matter even to a kitchen. Best kitchen floor plans decides the entire outlay of your kitchen. One would not like cooking in a kitchen which is cramped or poorly arranged, so floor plans are really important to make sure you do not go to bed hungry.

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The big kitchen floor plans will vary with size of the kitchen and with the choices you may have in mind. The floor plan will decide everything right from the position of the cabinets to the place where you will sit and eat. Kitchen with large areas have at their disposal plethora of choices, however it is the smaller kitchens which are at the receiving end of floor plans. The kitchen with smaller space should opt for following floor plans to get more out of less.

  • The centre island can be surrounded with a U rather than the usual L as it will provide ample countertop spaces.
  • The pantry can the refrigerator can be made into a food storage area as it will help unclog other spaces which can be used for other useful purposes.
  • L shaped island can be used when the kitchen space is less as it will help you save a lot of space which can used to accommodate larger cabinets, refrigerators or microwave ovens.

The above listed are just a few suggestion which can make your small kitchen look big.

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