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Holiday Cigar Accessories Buying Guide

There are 20 of the best ashtrays under 50$ that I reviewed for you, enjoy!

1) Limited Edition Large 8.75″ Arturo Fuente Porcelain Cigar Ashtray | 2) Old Havana Cars Cigar Ashtray | 3) Personalized Groomsmen Visol Heavyweight Gunmetal Cigar Ashtray | 4) Padron Ashtray | 5) Creative Crystal Ashtray Cigar Ashtray Glass Smoke Collectible Ash Tray | 6) Extravaganza Collection – Cigar Ashtray | 7) Royal Silver Star Aluminum Ashtrays | 8) Badash Square Block Cigar Ash Tray 7 inch | 9) Visol Products VASH410 “Noir en Rouge” Metal Cigar Ashtray | 10) Visol Products VASH807B “Garnet” Onyx Stone Rectangle Cigar Ashtray | 11) Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande Sungrown Ashtray | 12) XIFEI creative mini ashtray metal cigar ashtray | 13) 4 Stirrup Tall Stinky Cigar Ashtray | 14) Anchor Hocking Round Glass Snuffer Cigarette Ashtray | 15) The Popocatépetl – Cigar Ashtray with Cigar Cutter | 16) Generic Eco-Friendly Colorful Outdoor Home Ashtray | 17) Prestige Import Group – Sliding Ashtray Humidor | 18) Pewter Grid Design Cigar Ashtray | 19) High Gloss Walnut Folding Ashtray Set w/ Accessories | 20) Handmade Indian Copper Ashtray |


Cigar ashtrays make a great gift because they aren’t what you think…they’re GORGEOUS. We know, you were thinking 1970’s black plastic bingo-lounge ashtray. The designers put so much work into making cool designs, specifically for cigars. They have glass/crystal ashtrays with etching and designs. They have party ashtrays for the guys that think they’re super popular.

Pewter ones that weigh 10 lbs so they’re never blown over when brought outside. That’s just the beginning. They have Stinky ashtrays (super popular brand) in every rainbow color you could think of! You know, when you’re trying to match their man-cave. Or when trying to match their favorite sports team. Here’s some gift giving tips for ashtrays:

  • Ashtrays always seem to be forgotten during gift giving time
  • If you think they might have one for inside, purchase a cigar ashtray for their CAR, or an OUTDOOR ashtray
  • Cigar ashtrays have a larger bowl for ash, and larger rests for cigars than cigarette ashtrays
  • Perfect gift for someone if you don’t know their cigar, lighter, or cutter preference
  • Outdoor ashtrays (Stinky) are great for people who have lots of cigar smoking friends
  • The Stinky Cigar Floor Standing Ashtray makes an amazing statement piece

We did mention there would be a miscellaneous category, right? You’re going to love this idea. Do you have to buy for “the guy who has everything?” Problem solved.

They don’t have this, because we’re pretty sure we just invented it: A Personalized Cigar Band Shadow Box. Have to see it to believe how badass it is? Check out our pictures. So basically, every cigar he smokes (and his buddies that are visiting, smoke) can have the band popped off and collected into a shadow box with HIS NAME on it!

Imagine the pride as he drops them in the top and works his way to fulfillment. He’ll be thinking of YOU each time he slides open the top, and drops in his newest stick’s label. A collection that doesn’t involve Barbies, shoes or Leggos…and all the sudden, he’s a MAN again.

He can hang his new shadow box in his living area, and it’ll be the perfect conversation starter on which cigars are the most delicious and have the coolest looking bands.

See, we’ve got your back. We’re just BRIMMING with good ideas. And this Cigar Accessories Buying Guide is just part two of our Holiday Buying Guide series.

Photo Gallery of the Holiday Cigar Accessories Buying Guide