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Monitor Stands – How To Find The Best One

In this list we will go through single, double, triple, quad, hex and work centric monitor stands. There is certainly something for everyone in this list.

1) VIVO Quad LCD Monitor Desk Stand | 2) Cotytech Six Monitor Desk Mount Spring Arm Clamp Base | 3) VIVO Universal Monitor and Laptop Riser Tabletop Stand | 4) AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand | 5) VIVO Triple LCD LED Computer Monitor Desk Stand | 6) AmazonBasics LCD Monitor Riser | 7) Full Motion Dual Monitor Arm Mount | 8) SIIG Premium Aluminum Dual Monitor Stand | 9) Genuine Dell P190s Black LCD Computer Monitor Screen Stand | 10) Mount-It! Expandable Articulating Two Monitor Computer Desk Mount | 11) Mount-It! Dual Monitor Stand Free Standing Desk Mount | 12) WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount | 13) Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm | 14) Peerless LCD Pedestal Stand | 15) VocoPro MS86 Karaoke Accessory | 16) Officemate 2200 Series Executive Monitor Stand with Drawer | 17) Monoprice Multi Media Desktop Stand 22″ x 9.5″ | 18) Multi-funtion Universal Monitor Laptop Multimedia Stand | 19) AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand | 20) Viotek Articulating Hex 6-Monitor Stand | 21) VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand | 22) WALI Quad LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand | 23) Staples Standard Steel Monitor Riser | 24) Monitor Mount Arm by MemOffice. Single Arm | 25) Ollieroo Monitor Desk Mount Stand Extra Tall | 26) Mount-It! MI-757 Monitor Desk Stand for Single | 27) VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Vertical Desk Stand Free | 28) Nixeus VESA Height Adjustable LCD Monitor Stand | 29) SIIG Premium Aluminum Triple Monitor Stand | 30) Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand Freestanding LCD Computer Mount | 31) KRIËGER KL2327B Dual 2 Monitor Desk Mount | 32) Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Small TV/Monitor Riser |

Why The Need For A Monitor Stand?

Since the release of flat screen monitors, a need for monitor stands was necessary to take advantage of the slimmer and lighter design compared to the bulky original CRT screens.

Generally, when you purchase a new flat-screen T.V. or computer monitor, it will come with a standard base to place on a horizontal surface like a mantle or a table.

An adjustable monitor stand is a speciality item that replaces the need for a generic stand with something that will offer considerably more adjustment when it comes to height, angle, positioning etc.

This is to inevitably suit the needs and preferences of the individual using it. The right monitor stand can also really help to create a more ergonomically friendly gaming or workspace. Thus reducing symptoms of back and neck ache, eye strain etc.

The placement and functionality of many monitor mounts or stands make them very appealing to gamers and those who have a tendency to spend many hours at a desk. Each model has its unique features that move up and down, rotate, tilt, retract and swivel.

Whatever way you choose your screen layout, a desktop monitor stand can first of all – free up space. It can also allow you to multitask between gaming and watching videos, and working on a project.

7 Types Of Monitor Stands

  • Monitor Riser. These are basically an elevated stand using up very little surface space. Essentially floating your screen. Freeing up the desk space underneath.
  • Freestanding monitor mounts do not require drilling or clamping. Stable and easy to move on the surface of a desk.
  • Single bracket stands are built for just one screen with a single mount.
  • Multiple-bracket stands are capable of supporting more than one but remain fairly stationary.
  • Articulating mounts for single or multiple screen mounting. Provides unlimited positioning and is not fixed, but rather can be repositioned using a hinge or pivot.
  • Monitor arm or arms (each supporting an individual screen) on hinges and joints for easy moment and adjustment, that can literally bend or swing right out of the way. Rather than being fixed to a limited a stationary position.
  • Monitor bases will either be wall mounted (fastened to a wall), a grommet (hardware is inserted through a hole in the desk and secured underneath), or a clamp (hardware fastens to the desk edge by vice), or freestanding on a balanced base.

Other Features Of Monitor Stands Include:

  • Sliding brackets that are movable in order to get the perfect spacing between multiple monitors.
  • Capacity: There are single monitor stands, dual monitor stands, triple monitor stands, quad monitors stands, hex monitors stands. There’s even one that holds up to 18 monitors at a time.
  • Gas-spring height adjustment cylinders for smooth and stable settings.
  • Landscape and portrait adjustment. Some stands will rotate 360 degrees on the bracket in order to set them horizontally and vertically.
  • Telescopic wings that extend wider to accommodate larger screens that are side by side.
  • Integrated cable management system organises and streamlines your wiring and cables.
  • Built-in USB & Audio pass through making it easily accessible to your computer’s connections.
  • VESA Mounting Interface Standard. It is important to check your monitor mount for VESA before purchasing.

It’s basically a manufacturer’s compliance to follow a universal standard that is implemented for an easy mounting system for all sizes of flat panel screens. Regardless of the make and model.

Photo Gallery of the Monitor Stands - How To Find The Best One