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Modern Bathroom Lighting


This area of our house often gets ignored and not much care is taken of it. Bathrooms are an integral part of our life and it deserves our attention as well. A little care can make your bathroom a wonderful place; there is no need to spend thousands of dollars after it. Lighting in a bathroom is one aspect which can bring about the much needed change in the place.

The bathroom lighting can be set according to its size. A smaller bathroom may appear to be big if the lighting used is bright while for bigger bathrooms a dim lighting is suggestible, dim lighting will not make your bathroom look smaller but will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to it. Colourful bathroom lighting should be avoided at all cost as bathroom is a place to relax and not party.

Photo Gallery of the Modern Bathroom Lighting

A bathroom should not have light in all the corners but at places thought necessary. The shower area can have brighter lights so that the area is bright and lively. Dim lights should be used near sink as it will not just look elegant but bring calmness as well.

The lighting designs opted should complement the interior of the bathroom too. Yellow and dim lights go well if the marble fitted is lighter in colour whereas bright light is suggested if dark marble fittings are used in the bathroom. Floral designs around lighting are a trend which is picking up and it can be tried if you want a little bit of art in your bathroom.

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