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Sectional Sofa Buying Guide

If you’re looking for inexpensive sectionals, check out this gallery of 10 beautiful sectional sofas under $5000.

1) Baxton Studio Abriana Sofa Sectional | 2) Broyhill Emily Collection Sectional Sofa | 3) Homelegance Olympia 3 Piece Sofa | 4) Kardiel Florence Sectional Sofa | 5) Kardiel Florence Knoll Style Sectional Sofa | 6) Lazzaro Leather Sofa Sectional | 7) Mid Century Modern Fabric Sectional Sofa | 8) Kardiel Florence Sectional Sofa, Cream White | 9) Garcia Sectional Sofas | 10) Jane Loft Bi Sectional in Totem Storm |

Sectional sofas often act as a dominant piece of furniture in great rooms because they can accommodate many people.

Sectionals are family orientated and quickly provide enough comfortable seating for everyone. Moreover, they fit neatly even in most challenging corners or might help to divide spatial living rooms by floating in the middle. If you live a demanding life, entertaining often has children and pets; your sectional sofa ought to be made from quality materials.

Apart from quality, design is also a significant factor, as it should add splendour to the style of your interior. There is no denying the fact that sectional sofas are getting more and more popular. That would be perfect, but it is a double-edged sword. The biggest advantage is there is a wide variety of shape, colours, upholstery, designs and styles to choose.

The downfall is apparent; it is not an easy task to make a decision, facing so many exciting options. I have already taken the final step to purchase a dream sectional sofa, therefore, I will show you the best way to choose a perfect sectional for your home. First of all, you need to measure the designated space where you want to fit your purchase.

Next, if you do not want to pick one randomly, do a little scientific research. The best approach, most practical one, is to split your options into categories. Here is when my post comes into play. Below I have provided enough information for a full spectrum of sectionals. My hopes are high that my sectional sofa buying guide will be helpful on your way to purchase the dream piece of furniture.

Sectional Components:

  • armless chair
  • armless love seat
  • left-hand facing the chair
  • right-hand facing the chair
  • corner chair
  • left-hand facing chaise
  • right-hand facing chaise
  • left-hand facing love seat
  • right-hand facing love seat
  • left-hand facing sectional
  • right-hand facing sectional

Sectional Sofa Shapes

Standard L-Shaped has modular sectionals so you can create additional configurations. A traditional L-Shaped sectional can consist of two loveseats or two sofas. Sometimes you can spot a shape of a loveseat and sofa pulled together in a cohesive look.

Numerous configurations allow for the comfortable arrangement to lay down and stretch out in a preferred manner, socialize or simply watch soaps on the television. Be aware though the focal point or statement wall may not be visible from all seats due to broad back seating.

U-Shaped sofas are ideal buys for the entertaining large group of people. Its modulars provide cozy seating for everyone and enables facing each other which is convenient for holding mutual conversations. Most common type of configuration consists of two chaises at each end of a sofa or three sofas pulled together at 90-degree angle. Sometimes you can push together one chaise and two sofas to form a U-shape.

L-Shaped Sectional is convenient for small living rooms while still allowing to sit large quantities of people. The name L-Shape sofa derives from a chaise positioned at the end of the seat forming the “L” Shape in final outlook.

Before you head off to the store, make sure you have the right orientation in mind. If you decide on modular sections, it enables you to reconfigure the sectional in desired direction. Choosing the set option forces you to know the room’s layout to place longer part against the wall with the protruding arm of the sofa on the correct side. That way most of those seated face focal point so even watching TV is much easier.

Curved or Semi-Circular Sofas would fit perfectly in stylish and trendy interiors. There are no such things as extended arms or sharp edges. It does not save the space, therefore, could be ideal for spacious great rooms. Lack of 90-degree angle allows for creating a storage unit in the free corner behind the seating.

Photo Gallery of the Sectional Sofa Buying Guide