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Living Room Paint Colors: How to Choose the Right

One of the first things people consider changing when they want to spruce up the popular rooms in the house are the living room paint colors. The wrong colors can make the room your family hangs out in look dull or uninviting. If you have not changed the living room paint colors in a while, the whole space could look old-fashioned or just plain ugly.

While it is of course possible to use any living room paint colors you prefer, there are some recommendations that will make this room more inviting and fun without damaging potential resale value down the road. Neutral living room paint colors are always a great bet. While off-white and beige are quintessential favorites, pale grays are becoming much more popular recently. For a cozier or more elegant look, a dark neutral like chocolate brown or charcoal with white trim can look stunning as living room paint colors.

If your tastes lean toward the more colorful, you can choose living room paint colors in any shade of red, blue, green, purple and even less common colors like orange and turquoise. Keep in mind that such a bright room paint colors can be more difficult paint over in the future and can also be overpowering when they cover every wall in the room.

Using one of these stand out living room paint colors on one accent wall instead may be a great idea. Combined with more neutral room paint colors, this can give your broom a splash of interest without overwhelming.

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